Curation of imagined works

Questioning the way people interact with the city and the way the city shapes us, The city, a cage is a site-specific installation which transports you to another place, offering a moment of escape from the city and daily routine.


Making use of the architecture of the city, the space itself - a former Philips building - has been transformed into the fantasy of a fictional character. The visitor is able to see into his mind at the way he sees and interacts with the city.


This is achieved through a collection of mixed-media, most of which created especially for the exhibition. Inspired by the power of film and the theory of character alignment, the content of the exhibition shows past experiences between the character and the very room the spectator is standing in, as well as current activities, abstract ideas and wish- es. These active objects provide the opportunity for the spectator to identify with the character, or not, leading them to consider the way they see and interact with the city.

I used the project to develop a character, to define his methods of expression and combine them within the space to create a dream-like utopia within the center of the city.

Scale model showing distinct elements and their positioning within the space.