UY is a young art collective based and growing in Berlin.

UY is the subject and inspirationg for a zine about subcultures. Interested in the youth and techno culture of Berlin, I decided to interview, photograph and follow Fanny and Idan as they gave me an insight into what Berlin is to them, and where UY fits in to such a diverse, progressive and expressive city.

The result is a 64 page, hand-bound zine which includes self-generated content such as interviews and photography, as well as excerpts from books and online content which adds context.


The order of the zine reflects my process as a researcher, penetrating Berlin on a superficial level, the city and the streets, researching the Techno scene in general and the history of Berlin, then arriving to the present day with UY whose interpretation of the contemporary techno scene is a big influence on their creative output. And then back out, looking at 'Berghain as the centre of the world' to a slightly more general representation of the people and places of Berlin.