Dancing with the devil / a symphony of organs spilled over the floor

A 30 minute live sound performance as a part New Contemporaries Live

Camden Art Centre, 2024

In the face of state-sponsored destruction worldwide, I’m trying to imagine what kind of liberation could be possible for marginalised and oppressed people in the face of social and political structures which seem to not be satisfied until they have pulled us apart. Every day my heart breaks and I’m expected to pick it up and carry on. Triggering my metaphoric and emotional evisceration is the physical violence enacted upon literal human bodies. Trapped and besieged. A reality which my experience draws no comparison to. A reality in Palestine, in Congo, Sudan…

Throughout the performance simple interactions with external, natural and technological ‘organs’ are amplified through repetition, audio loops and electronic processing. Relationships established and maintained through proximity are reinforced and broken down. Fractured elements overlap and distract from each other. Tangled up between states of (unfulfilled) desire and despair (the Body Without Organs)

Videography by Ramzia Jawara (@ramziajawara)

Photography by Sam Nightingale