︎ Josh Woolford [jshwlfrd]  – Transdisciplinary creative: Art (performance, painting, sculpture); Design (art direction & branding, visual design, editorial/print, fashion) – Based in London – RCA MA candidate – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate (2016, Cum Laude)

Digital Spell_Duet

Live sound performance An experimental sound performance exploring the process of manipulating apparently lifeless analogue and digital objects to the point of malfunction and how this can evoke, enhance and evolve human emotion.
Project date 2019
8 minutes

Inspired by my daily ritual of singing pop songs in the shower, I ‘created’ and ‘learned’ this new instrument - a combination of waste materials and recording and amplifying machines. Together we developed this volatile improvised duet where neither one of us is fully in control.

While singing Alice Smith’s version of I Put a Spell on You, the proximity of the mic and speaker creates a feedback loop that sometimes matches and harmonises, other times distorts and amplifies, or completely covers and blocks my voice. The result is quite a harsh, volatile auditory experience which fundamentally unearths the pain and suffering shared between ‘human’ and ‘machine’.