HEDON. apparel 

‘Since researching and collecting content for HEDON magazine I was very much inspired by the interactions between people, materials and objects within the BDSM scene. Over time some of the things which initially scared me became beautiful. I wanted to explore the aesthetic and participatory aspects of BDSM but was still reluctant to throw myself in 100%, this is where the idea came to create my own fashion collection which can be seen as an introduction to BDSM. Using soft and comfortable materials and a minimal aesthetic, HEDON apparel blends fashion with fetishism.

Making use of the most common positions and rope-placement in bondage, I have created pieces that can be worn in daily, as well as sexual contexts, becoming something more than just a fashion statement. The various straps and buckles can be used to hold the wearer in different positions and connect them to themselves or other objects. The clothing encourages exploration and creativity and offers a guidance for people who are dipping their toe into kinky play.’