HEDON. magazine

[contains nudity] 

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HEDON magazine is a collection of interviews, conversations, stories and images which explore the theme of (alternative) sexuality. The magazine is split into two parts; the textual and the visual. It is a celebration of sexuality, a celebration of diversity and a place for everyone. HEDON aims to unite people, encourage  exploration, discussion and understanding. I didn’t want to create something purely erotic, nor a lifestyle magazine; but an honest expression of our times, the struggles and achievements of the people around me.

Collecting stories, experiences and moments from a wide variety of individuals was one of the main aims of HEDON magazine. I have featured people from 22 to 61 years old, from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and the US within the first issue to offer a broad, inclusive representation of our current social climate. The textual chapter consists of 88 pages of interviews around the topic of sexuality in our contemporary context. Ending with a directory of words, places, movies and artists who are mentioned throughout the publication. The visual/photographic chapter consists of 96 pages of black and white photography exploring the body in its vulnerable state of nakedness. Erotic, seductive and honest.