︎ Josh Woolford [jshwlfrd]  – Transdisciplinary creative: Art (performance, painting, sculpture); Design (art direction & branding, visual design, editorial/print, fashion) – Based in London – RCA MA candidate – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate (2016, Cum Laude)

Since graduating Cum Laude from the Media and Culture department of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016, I have continued to pursue my interest in the research and representation of identity. Now a student at the Royal College of Art where I am largely exploring and critiquing my/our shared experiences of contemporary (sub)cultures.

Identity, belonging and freedom are all themes that reappear throughout my work, which ultimately leads me to uncovering and addressing ’opposing’ states of rejection, detachment and disorientation.

Having a long-held fascination for different forms of expression, I have always been motivated to experience the world through different perspectives. By studying Film, Law, English and Psychology A-levels before my Bachelor I developed an interest in the way different topics overlap, interweave, compliment and contradict each other.

I believe that the best way to understand and critique those differences is to experience them first-hand, since understanding the context of a subject is the only way to dive deeper and obtain meaningful insights. My work mainly manifests through digital and print-media, photography, performance, video and fashion.

For freelance work / collaboration / comission please email me ︎︎︎

Clients / Commissions / Collaborations

Healing Justice Ldn
Liberty Rose
Wai Kin Sin
Content free
Serpentine Galleries
Mall Galleries
The Laundry arts
UY Studio
Karma She
Van Abbemuseum
san mei gallery
LUX [Cairo Clarke]

Features / Exhibitions / Panels

Play and the Post Peak [curated by Jerome], The Factory Project - October 2021 / Installation, video and live performance:
Acrylic, Wall Paint, Spray paint, High gloss paint, Canvas, Gesso, PVA, Plaster,Wire frame, Steel wire rope

Cosmosis, The Holy Art - July 2021 / Painting and Clay Sculptures

Diasporas Now, London - July 2021 / Performance video art piece

Letter to my Little Queer Self - July 2021 / Written submission

Pending, san mei gallery, London - Dec 2020 / Ceramic sculpture

5hrs, Sook Spaces, London - Oct 2020 / Video art piece

Black History Online, RCA London - Oct 2020 / Video art piece

Phantasy Saturday School - August 2020 / Workshop contributor

Apple, Covent Garden, London - January 2020 / Workshop leader

Subvrt Magazine, Los Angeles - April 2019 / Costume design for KARMASHE

Subbacultcha, Amsterdam - December 2018 / Written submission