Molten Form: Assumed Identity 01

The first in a series of provocations which take the body (my body) as a site to reflect upon the interconnections between varying forms of historical and contemporary oppression and their impact on our ability to imagine otherwise.

Commissioned by the Sainsbury Centre and presented as a 3 channel asynchronous video installation and sonic intervention during Harold Offeh’s curated event Of Mythic Worlds

Screen 1 - text-based reflections on our social landscape
Screen 2 - an introduction via video documentation
Screen 3 - verbal reflections & endurance postures

The Sainsbury Centre, 2022

Videography by SINIŠA (@sinisaaaaa)
Movement Direction by Izzy Gzowski (@izzygzowski)
Hair, Makeup and Nails by Doll Vaknin (@dorvak / @dolls_claws)