More Than Wasted

Durational performance an exploration of clubbing. an abstraction. a (dis) connection of mind and body. durational ± 4hrs

Van Abbemuseum, 2017

More Than Wasted is an endurance performance which explores the process of disconnecting from reality while clubbing for prolonged periods of time. By taking the physical action of dancing out of its context of clubs and into the museum space over a four hour period, both the artist and visitors are given the opportunity to analyse the distinct aspects of clubbing on different levels: physical and emotional, in a completely different setting.

For the duration of the Performance the artist can be seen dancing within a glass room, physically separated from the audience he is fundamentally alone, although the ability to see and interact with the audience remains. On the other side of the glass wall are headphones where visitors can listen to monologues from various people who are currently, or were previously at home in the club scene. Physically separating the action of dancing with the thought process of clubbers provides the visitor an active role in piecing these elements together while urging the question: Are club kids more than wasted?

Video Footage : Filip Setmanuk
Mural : Navine G. Khan Dossos
Directed and edited by Josh Woolford