︎ Josh Woolford [jshwlfrd] – Transdisciplinary creative: Art(performance, painting, sculpture); Design (art direction & branding, visual design, editorial/print, fashion) – Based in London – RCA MA candidate – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate (2016, Cum Laude)


Curation of an event to celebrate my moving away from Berlin, hosted at UY Studio. 

Event / Exhibition - 8hrs
Project date 2019

PRE - Previous to; before
PRE - was a moment in time, at the cusp of an action which closes one chapter and begins the next.
PRE - was an exhibition of budding and established artists.
PRE - was a ‘civilized’ brunch.
PRE - was a party of live performances.
PRE - was a trip down memory lane and a projection into the future.
PRE - was soundtracked by a tight selection of Berlin Djs.
PRE - is hard to define.