︎ Josh Woolford [jshwlfrd]  – Transdisciplinary creative: Art (performance, painting, sculpture); Design (art direction & branding, visual design, editorial/print, fashion) – Based in London – RCA MA candidate – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate (2016, Cum Laude)

What do you see (when I feel what I feel)?

Performance At once commenting and questioning - wdys comprises a series of text, performance, visuals and smells which are all manifestations of the forced hyper-awareness I have of my queer Black body, and the myriad ways it is read and received.
Project date 2020

Recently exhibited at HOME by Ronan Mckenzie, previously exhibited at 5hrs 2020, The Factory Project 2021

Installation view at HOME by Ronan Mckenzie, 2022

What do you see when I feel what I feel?

There is so much going on that it is impossible to observe passively. To be witness to the changing World without a serious reflection on the part we play. Through this collection of short videos and texts I return to my physicality, to my ancestry. To try and better understand who I am and what constitutes my being - while being acutely aware that to exist is to be observed.

What do you see when I feel what I feel?