︎ Josh Woolford [jshwlfrd]  – Transdisciplinary creative: Art (performance, painting, sculpture); Design (art direction & branding, visual design, editorial/print, fashion) – Based in London – RCA MA candidate – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate (2016, Cum Laude)

What Do You See?

Performance an ongoing series exploring the worlds perception of my Black body and my Black history. an ongoing series exploring my perception of my Black body and my Black history within a world that is constantly juding.
Project date 2020
Exhibited during 5hrs @ Sook Space, London

What do you see

When my body moves?

Stick to the beat Beat

Skip and twist. Watch as I spread my arms

To take up space. The same air I breathe

You breathe



(Inhale, exhale,
inhale, exhale)

Let me move in my own way.

Not in admiration

Or disgust

Of you. Freedom. ‘What does freedom mean to me?

No fear!’

When I move is it beautiful?

Is it strange?

Do you watch in fascination?

Are you waiting to classify what this is?

Only To be disappointed that it’s not something you can commodify?

Can appropriate

Is this... appropriate?

What do you see when I feel what I feel?

Moving without direction - is this moving with soul? Moving with frustration? With passion? With regret? With ... hope?

Is this an act of defiance?

Allowing myself be seen in the way that I decide? At the pace that I decide?

Does my sassiness offend you?

This strange fruit, hangin’ in its living room.

What do you see when I feel what I feel?

There is so much going on that it is impossible to observe passively. To be witness to the changing World without a serious reflection on the part we play. Through this collection of short videos and texts I return to my physicality, to my ancestry. To try and better understand who I am and what constitutes my being - while being acutely aware that to exist is to be observed.

What do you see when I feel what I feel?