and you say you never met the devil?

and you say you never met the devil? is a mixed-media installation which interrogates the impact systems of oppression (patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism) have on myself and the people around me. Considering ripples created in the past which spread through the now and into the future.

Heavy black canvas and aluminium panels cut through / adorn / disrupt the space - creating a tension between order and fluidity. Reflecting on the connection between industry and Blackness the solid metal sheets and flowing textile interact through an almost uncomfortable dance - hanging precariously as if in the state of perpetual collapse.

A triptych of abstract painted canvases in blue, red and green hang on the aluminium panelled wall, and are reflected in the aesthetic of a triptych of videos hanging within the black canvas structure.

Ceramic artefacts are scattered beneath the screens, depicting Taíno artefacts and deities, the colonialisation of the West Indies and Caribbean cooking pots - adaptations of West African forms and traditions.

Project date 2022

and you say you never met the devil? Video

Performer and Movement Developer: Yewande YoYo Odunubi
Videography: Bernice MulengaRamzia Jawara, SINIŠA
Photography: Zhuo Chen
Sound Mentor: Felicia Chen


Photography by Zhuo Chen: